Wonderment Walk & Colleen Boyle

Celestial Ground by Colleen Boyle, a sculpture fabricated by Lump Sculpture Studio

Artist: Colleen Boyle

Work: Celestial Ground, stainless steel, steel.

Location: Victoria Point, 100 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands. Victoria, Australia.

Commissioned by: Wonderment Walk for permanent display 2016.

Supported by: RMIT University, Victoria Point.

Dr COLLEEN BOYLE is an artist and academic working out of Melbourne, Australia. Her current research interests include theories of perception and representation; history and theory of photography; space exploration and space imaging; philosophical interpretations of imagination; scientific imaging and theories of scientific observation.

‘Celestial Ground’ is an embodiment of the scientific ideas of astronomy, observation, geometry, and mapping. The folding plates of the form are loosely based on the geometric diagram of a form of carbon(C60) that has been found in outer space. Some panels are etched with images and constellations from the southern night skies providing a visual reminder of what remains hidden from view during the day. The mirror-polished panels reference telescopic observations of the skies, but also invite the viewer to reflect upon their own place within the universe, whether that be amongst the stars above or on the solid ground beneath.



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