Weathering Steel Square Hollow Section made in Australia with Australian Steel.

50mm x 50mm x WT 1.6mm available for the first time in Australia and exclusive to Lump Sculpture Studio, our corten steel equivalent is highly durable.

The tube supplied by Lump has a raw steel grey finish ready for fabrication.  Leave the tube to rust naturally over time or accelerate the rusting process to achieve an instant and even natural rusted finish.

Email or call us 03 9489 4766 for sales and more information.

50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm Wall Thickness
7.3m lengths (Current Batch)
6.5m lengths (Subsequent batch)

$7.50 + GST W/S Minimum purchase 50 lengths
$8.50 + GST Trade No minimum purchase
$10.00 + GST RRP No minimum purchase

Need the Tube CUT TO LENGTH?
$7.00 + GST per cut

Need the Tube PRE- RUSTED?
$80.00 + GST (base cost includes 3 lengths) additional $5.00 + GST per meter thereafter