Jells Park | FFLA & Emma Jennings


Jells Park artworks by  FFLA and Emma Jennings.

Fabrication of the artworks by Lump Sculpture Studio

Feather Eco Chamber artworks designed by

Landscape designed By

Constructed by

Featured in the landscape are multiple modern dome sculptures representing Birds’ Nests.  Designed by FFLA as part of an interactive landscape encouraging “nature play”, the sculptures encourage visitors to interact with the space inside and around the domes.

Six 2.4m high twisted feather sculptures designed by Emma Jennings are included in FFLA’s interactive landscape with each one hosting an information plaque detailing a local bird.  Each feather is engraved with a detailed feather pattern on the outside and is coloured to reflect the bird featured on the plaque.  The shape of the feather also acts as an echo chamber encouraging visitors to mimic the bird sounds while standing inside.  The sculptures and information plaques are designed to be accessible and fun for all ages and abilities.

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