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At Lump we spend a lot of time in backyards. Much of our work tends to be sought after to adorn the private areas of a residential home. But more and more we are seeing the trend move toward the front.
Something I don’t normally bang on about much is the letterbox or the front door. But over the years at Lump we have gathered quite a collection of customised pieces that make a big entrance. Literally.

Many of our light feature panels and screens have been customized to incorporate functionality. The humble letterbox, front door, entrance gate or security fence is now, more than ever filled with design possibility.

It is easy to see why these residential projects are a couple of my favourite examples of how the final touches of a residential home can be moved to the front for all to see.

There is a strong sculptural element to this letterbox that compliments the size and shape of the seemingly interlocking wall that follows into the entrance garden. It sits high above the line of the fence with strong contrasting materials and colours and clearly advertises the address.

Complimenting the texture and appearance of the letterbox is a cluster of Lump Spheres, which effortlessly peek out from the upper levels of the residence.

Inside the gate, visitors are greeted with a Lump Stainless steel ethanol fire bowl and the warm textural tones of the Lump Faux Rust Finish, which has been applied to the front door

These residential homes are not only an incredible example of modern design and architecture. They are also an incredible example of how versatile our Lump finishes and textures, sculpture and functionality in design can be

This garden (above) designed by Steve Taylor from C.O.S Design and constructed by Hamilton Landscapes is set on a huge elevation and was basically built on a sand dune in the heart of the Beaumaris area.

A Lump Letterbox is featured in the street scape along with a series of retaining walls and a great mix of architectural plants. Huge floating steps make a pathway up to the pool and the entertaining space which is set in the front yard to take advantage of the view of the bay. And over the spa is a canter levered pergola that features a Lump Ink Blot screen as the canopy that casts decorative reflections into the water.                                                              

A custom designed Lump Light Feature Panel is also set among the retaining walls and is a great night time feature as well as part of the privacy plan and the design reflecting the local tea trees in the area is continued through the front gate.

Clearly not all residential projects are the same. But with a focus on moving sculptural design aspects to the front of your home, it is to say the least, an exciting starting point to draw inspiration from when planning how you can make yours a big entrance too.

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  • A beautiful addition to the Lump Studio collection of original sculptures; the Faceted Orbs. The simplicity and warmth of the Corten Steel is heightened by the Stainless Steel accent piece featured in each Orb. 
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