Lump sentiMETAL moment

with Dan

At Lump we have been sharing sentiMETAL moments about where we first began our relationships with metal work. I have to say, the guys are a little more gushy than I imagined, but isn’t that lovely. This week Dan shares his story.

“I remember going to work with my dad, he was a boiler maker and later became an engineer. I loved seeing all the machines, control panels, boilers and autoclaves in the factories and workshops. In my eyes these things were like monsters of gargantuan proportion spewing steam and fire. The machines terrified and enthralled me at the same time, and back then I imagined that I would follow in my dad’s footsteps. I think he was a little taken aback when I shunned the conventional career path to become an artist. Funny though, after 15 years of doing other things I have found myself working with the team at Lump learning the craft of making Steel Sculptures. Although its more decorative work than my dad was doing there is something familiar about Lump Studio and I find myself totally at home amid the chaos of welding sparks and grinding steel.”

Our Dan, images courtesy of Little Red Photography

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