Lump sentiMETAL moment

with Maryann

Today we share our final Lump sentiMETAL moment before the Christmas break. Maryann will lead us into the Christmas week with her memories about where her relationship with metal began.

“My dad was a welder and worked on large fishing vessels docked at Suva Warf in Fiji. In his spare time though he made all of our play equipment from scratch.  He even made a bridge that spanned the creek at the back of our house. I was like his right hand man, I would follow him around and hand him tools while he worked. Sometimes he would bring home metal 44 gallon drums from work and we would balance on them like circus performers. My dad was really proud of his work and would bring home pictures of himself standing next to the huge ships towering over him. To this day I still remember the way he smelt of burnt metal when he came home all grubby from a long days work”.

Our Maryann, images courtesy of Little Red Photography

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