Westfield Hornsby Playspace

At Lump we have been fortunate to be involved in designing and fabricating new and innovative interactive play spaces and sculptures for Westfield Shopping Centres in Australia.

The most recent playspace in Hornsby NSW involved a variety of pieces combining both the sculptural and interactive lighting elements within each individual piece. To begin with we created three Mushroom Stools. These Mushrooms feature a smooth painted steel surface and deep-dished mushroom heads that contain LED strip lighting recessed into the overhang.

The mushroom sculptures practically beg to be sat on and stepped over and when doing so the lighting, programmed by Superlight responds to touch and movement on the surface. The Mushroom Stools feature a natural timber base with a clear finish emphasisng the natural texture and appearance of the wood. The primary focus of the installation is the collection of interactive hoop sculptures that are positioned together to make a skeleton like tunnel. Each hoop is an individual shape similar to the other and like the mushroom stools; they are fitted with an interactive lighting component that illuminates when an individual passes through.

Finally, completing the installation is a series of custom designed and built interactive stepping-stones. In collaboration with Anston Pavers we developed an organic shaped stepper made from a specifically selected and naturally colored concrete.The steppers all have a sandblasted finish creating smooth edges and a smooth to the touch surface texture. And like the other sculptures in the installation the steppers are fitted with an interactive component. In this case, the steppers have a recessed platform or pad containing responsive LED lighting so that once stepped on, the pavers illuminate. The installation as whole is finished in light, naturally toned colours and each cluster of objects is positioned in a way that promotes movement through the space in a continual loop, encouraging imaginative and inclusive based games to be played in the space.

Images by Danny Kildare

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