Trends in Screens

Last week on the Lump blog we talked about the trend at the moment in sculpture and our Office manager Bee thought we should also talk about the trend we can see developing in screens. Well actually, not the trend of screens in the market in general but the trend we can see building toward a particular design we fashioned right here at Lump.

I was quite surprised at first, that the latest big thing at Lump was the Leaf Skeleton screen design. And looking back I feel silly at my surprise when I take into consideration how well received our Leaf Skeleton Sculpture has been, and clearly this is exactly where the Leaf Skeleton Screen design originated from.

I asked Bee why she thought this particular piece was being favored over the others. And she told me that more often than not most clients love the Leaf Skeleton Sculpture, and it usually forms the beginning of their conversation about our work upon entering the tour of the studio. And in actual fact some of our clients are on the search for something practical and can’t always stretch the budget or the space to accommodate a sculpture. And the Leaf Skeleton screen is the perfect bridge to a functional piece.

When I asked Bee why our Lump visitors like the Leaf Skeleton screen design, as corny as it sounds, her answer positively warmed my heart, she said “To be honest I don’t ask them WHY they like this design, I think it’s a mutual agreement that it’s been beautifully created. It has an ethereal quality. I don’t want to question what it is, because I know it will be gorgeous no matter where it is!” Bee continued to talk about the shadows, memories of sitting in the park and the dappled light that filters through the screen, all of the same things that come to my mind when I think of the design as well.

I love the fact that we are in an industry where trends are constantly changing. It challenges us to keep using our imaginations and to keep moving forward. But it is also particularly satisfying to stop and realize that one of those trends has popped up and developed as a result of one of Lumps precious old treasures.

Images of the Leaf Skeleton Screen by Ron Tan, commission by Ritz Exterior Design

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