SHARD Planters

At Lump we are truly proud of our in-house creative talent, expertise and innovation and the “Shard” planters are the perfect example to showcase and flex our large in-house fabrication muscle and capacity.

The concept of the “Shard” is to appear as if the raw, textured rust patina has sprung from the earth like a shard of rock. The changing nature of this material is left bare to be admired and follow the seasons, punctuated and enhanced by individually selected planting. They appear bold and emphatic, a natural ironstone rock chiseled into shape by the landscape.

Always conceived as a cluster of sculptures as well as a stand-alone sculpture, Chris said “Getting flexibility into the design so that it can be mounted both vertically and angled at 45 deg. was challenging”.

The “Shard” was designed with a double footplate incorporated into the form facilitating both types of mounting, which allows for variation when composing a cluster of vessels in assorted sizes.

Although at Lump we consider the new range of “Shard” planters to be a new “off the shelf” range, nothing made by Lump is really ever “off the shelf”. And like other Lump pieces, care and consideration needs to be taken when installing the pieces on site or in your home.

Due to the size and shape, “Shard” planters need to be securely bolted or chemically set into position.

Available in three different sizes and made from Corten steel with a natural rusted finish, painted in any of Lumps Faux finishes or  choose a colour from your own selection.

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