sentiMETAL project 2012 – with Bee

During the holiday break we shared a few sentiMETAL moments with some of the Lump crew. We talked about our favorite projects that were completed in 2012, the ones that made us gush a little and enjoy our positions at Lump. Everyone was asked 4 questions about a project that they enjoyed most and here is what Bee our Lump Office Manager got all sentiMETAL about.

What is your most sentiMETAL job you have worked on this year? I loved working on the Tall Pods project that we customized and exported to Shanghai in 2012. However, my most sentiMETAL project was a customized Manchurian Pear screen for a private residence.

Why is it your favorite? I was able to guide the client through designs we thought might suit the space and we finally settled on one of my most adored designs, the Manchurian Pear. This project was just a couple of months into my role and it was my first chance at giving the client my very own creative contribution! I love being able to help clients out this way.

What special part did you play in the project? The client was based in Sydney so I essentially played the role of the client’s eyes and interpreted our discussions for the final design to be made here in the Lump studio. Through consultations with the Lump Design team I ensured we were achieving what the client and I had settled on for the final design.

What was the most memorable thing about the project? The numerous phone calls between the client and I were hilarious! She had such a cheerful helpful attitude the whole way through and was an absolute delight to work with! And I had the pleasure of providing her with her very own custom piece of Lump art work.

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