sentiMETAL photo pickings picked by Bee

At Lump we all have favorite images from our very expansive Lump catalog, and this week Bee has selected a couple of her sentiMETAL favorite photos from 2014.

Inkblot screen with Lime Perspex and the custom designed and made Tea Tree screen.

These two are my particular favorites because I worked on both projects with the clients and designers very closely.

I remember when I first showed our clients the Lime Green acrylic backing material and encouraged them to select the Lump Faux Ironstone finish for the Ink Blot screen. To me it was simply a perfect match! It is truly spectacular at night when lit from behind. There’s a sense of calmness and how could you not love the city view in the background!!

The Tea Tree screen I fell in love with as soon as I saw the final completed design. I could really see the dappled light filtering through the Tea Tree valley and I thought it was just mesmerizing! The actual photo of the screen I think is just as romantic as what the design entails and it makes me want to walk down that path.

By Bee Nguyen, Office Manager / Design Consultant.

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