sentiMETAL moment

with James


Technically, at Lump we are still on holidays. So that means more time to chat about our most sentiMETAL projects from 2013. I asked 4 questions to all of the Lumpians about what projects they were sentiMETAL about.  Here is what James, man of few words and the newest Lump crew member had to say.  

What is your most sentiMETAL project from 2013? The Ring  

Why is it your favorite? For its clean lines coupled with a contrasting rust finish. I also like how it’s design steams from the clasp.  

What special part did you play in the project? I helped roll and piece together the parts that contributed to the 3D aesthetic.  

What was the most memorable thing about the project? The best part for me is always the learning experience. Working on the Ring provided me with my first opportunity to curve sheet metal. That may sound extremely banal to some, but for me its something I take great satisfaction in.

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