Custom Sculpture, designed and fabricated.


A private commission designed and fabricated in close alignment with our clients brief.

This particular brief requested that we pay homage to the great abstract sculptor Inge King (1915-2016). Inge King not only diversified non figurative sculpture through her substantial collection of works, but she raised the profile of modern art in Australia.  She was a leading founder of a group for sculptors, a teacher at Universities, exhibited in countless exhibitions and produced works for major private and public commissions.

I could write an essay detailing the influence that the works of Inge King have had on the founders of Lump Studio and the designers that presented for this commission, but the sculpture speaks for itself.  Its large and interesting in structure, strong and commanding in shape and space and the fabrication and finishing detail is impressive.  But mostly, it also tells a story of dedication to the work, strength and determination in the field and a great love of what we do.

Its clear that there are still other influences in the making of this work and you can see the relationship between the structure of the Pavilion and that of the Tricycle.   But I think our team has been successful in creating an original work that respectfully pays homage to the great Australian artist Inge King.  And we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore and display such a great influence in our work.

The design and fabrication team at Lump Studio thrive on collaborating in the development of new sculptures.  Call our design team today, we look forward to creating something new with you.

Photography: Sharyn Cairns

Architect: Conrad Architects


  • Steel


  • Optional Lighting


  • Industrial Painted Finsh

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  • Chris Vassallo

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