Bruce Bradfield

Percent for Art Commission by Bruce Bradfield, a site specific installation created using Corten steel supplied by Lump Studio

When Lump delivered corten sheets to Ric in W.A. we had no idea that they were to become part of a very significant installation. The sheets of corten left Lump in their raw state.

Silver-black and blue-grey with no design, no folds and no intervention. Originally Ric, the assisting project manager called Lump Studio to make an enquiry about materials that would be suitable to withstand being permanently outdoors, exposed to high winds and varying temperatures. At Lump we are huge fans of Corten steel and with many Lump pieces surviving in conditions just like these we could confidently advocate using 6mm Corten steel sheets for the project Ric was intending.

Ric purchased the 6mm steel sheets that are readily available at Lump, and had them delivered to W.A. Here, he supplied them to Indigenous artist, Bruce Bradfield. From the raw sheets of steel Bradfield produced a series of six striking panels referencing the natural beauty of the local environment. The artworks are part of the “Percent for Art Commission” for the Perimeter Upgrade to the Greenough Regional Prison. This Prison is located just south of Geraldton.


  • Corten Steel


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  • Corten Steel with a natural rusted finish


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  • Bruce Bradfield

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