Real Rust CAN and WILL leach a stain in poor weather. At Lump, we have a solution. We developed our very own Faux Rust finish. And unlike other painted Faux Rust finishes, iron filings do not generate the rusted appearance. Although this is effective, it too may leach a stain in poor weather.

Our Faux rust finish is not only matte in appearance, it is also textured.

The Lump Faux Rust finish is a multi – coloured and multi-layered application sprayed onto the surface of our work to mimic the look of real rust. Applied by our creative team in our very own studio with the option of many varied shades of the rusted look. Our Faux rust finish is stable and will not leach a stain or produce a dust. And best of all the Lump Faux rust finish will retain the integrity of the metal beneath.
Suitable indoors and outdoors.