Polaris 3083 – Wrapped up by Dale

Hi there. My name is Dale and I am the leading hand at Lump Sculpture Studio. You may have seen some of my photos recently on this very blog. Well, I have been asked by Timothea to put some words together to accompany some of my shots.

The big news going on at Lump at the moment is that we have just about finished our gig on the Polaris project in Bundoora. It’s been a massive job for all of us over many months. From Chris’s initial design consultations through architects, structural engineers, builders and then finally seeing it come together in the studio, its been a long process.

I know it sounds cliched to use the old line “there is no “I” in team” but on this project it seems perfectly apt. I think almost every member of the Lump staff has had something to do with it. Some more than others. Troy and Jordan spent many days CNC cutting and preparing the numerous art panels. I spent weeks building the complex steel framework with Chris. Caleb laser cut numerous custom parts for the steel frame system. And when all that was done it was up to Dan to paint it all. A huge task. Everyone is multi-skilled at Lump and this has never more apparent than on this project. Everyone was helping everyone.

So it has come to installation and again, this was a major undertaking. We have had five Lump crew members on site most days. Transport and cranes needed to be used due to the sheer size and weight of the frames. A cherry picker has been used throughout the entire installation. I must say Stefan has proven himself to be an awesome cherry picker operator. I have been up 10 metres in the bucket with him for days during this install and its been a pleasure.

Finally after the frames were installed, the art panels started to go up and the final product started to emerge. And it looks great. So if you happen to be driving on Plenty Rd in Bundoora, make the turn up Copernicus Cr. and take a look. If you are a fan of Lump screens, then you will get to see them on a huge scale.

Awesome job, Team Lump.

Images courtesy of Dale

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