Pick of the Prize at Toorak Sculpture Exhibition 2013

Last Friday four of us Lumps attended the opening of the Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition. With only one, unsuspecting Lump none the wiser as to what was about to unfold. As you may know, last week Chris and I entered two sculptures into the exhibition, the Clasp and Social Collider Theory. We love this exhibition because it gets sculpture out onto the street, literally.

But to cut a long story short, we were lucky enough to take home the big prize for the Clasp. And if you were reading the Lump blog last week, that makes Chris and I one for one (not that this is a competition or anything!). But on a serious note, it is most important to say at this point that although designed by myself the Clasp is a team effort. All of us at Lump had a part to play in getting the Clasp to the exhibition. Judged by graphic designer, painter and Archibald Prize finalist Carlo Pagoda, the Clasp stood out to him from the 92 other sculptures displayed in the exhibition and so awarded the sculpture The City of Stonnington and Bank of Melbourne 2013 Award.

There are many that contribute to the Toorak Sculpture Exhibition and I’m not talking just about the other artists. To name just a few, the Director Tony Fialides, Tracey Cammock from The Toorak Village Traders Association as well as the Toorak Traders themselves, curator of the Clement Meadmore Gallery at the Australian Academy of Design Malcolm Thompson and an entire committee of sponsors and volunteers that bring the Exhibition to the street for all of us to enjoy.

The Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition is open for all until the 16th of June.

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Thompson Berrill Landscape Design. 
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