Lump sentiMETAL moment – MIFGS 2013

As we knuckle down and start getting organised for the big Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2014 I’m taking a little time out for a sentiMETAL journey though MIFGS 2013. 

Way back when……

Stealing the show and winning a Gold Medal this year is Cycas Landscape Design presenting their garden “laconic”. Founder of Cycas and renowned landscape designer Mark Browning has designed the Garden using inspiration from the modernist movement of the mid twentieth century. Featuring solid contrasting colours with an emphasis on straight lines, geometry and minimalism.

Lump is featured generously in “laconic”. We love that Mark has included in his design our very own 3D Feature PanelsCircle Work” finished in Dulux colour “Bright Delight”. The 3D Feature Panels in their bright orange fashion are positioned, as a feature wall in the Pavilion. And the colour of the panels will compliment the very new and never seen before, Lump floating sculptures “Stack and Adorn”. The floating wall sculptures have been designed inline with Lumps Leaf Skeleton sculpture and re interpreted as a repetitive stackable form. This stackable form allows the sculpture to be recreated as a floating sculpture, pendant or light shade. Among all the Lumpness in Marks design will also be our “Bubbles” screen fitted in the ceiling of the pavilion as a skylight adding texture and shadow as the light filters through.

“laconic” by Mark Browning is a very tangible presentation of the style and experience entrenched in Cycas Landscape Design. And also “laconic” is a great illustration of Mark Browning’s commitment and desire for enduring and contemporary Landscape design.

Well, I did say Lump was featured in not one, but TWO medal winning gardens at this years MIFGS. And although not immersed in as much Lumpness as “laconic”, “Cube2” by Scott Wynd of TLC Pools was awarded the City Of Melbourne Award for Excellence ‘Best In Show’.  “Cube2” subtly features a little piece of Lump in the form of our stainless tipped sphere sculpture and at Lump we like to think our sculpture had a little bit to do with that prestigious award.

This year Scott handed over the reins of design to Darin Bradbury his design manager at TLC pools.  Darin designed a space that is itself contemporary and also opposite to contemporary landscape architecture.  The space is lush with planting and foliage and offers a space to sit out in the garden rather than in an out door room.   It is very obvious that the planting is the major focus in Darin’s design, and we are very proud that a little piece of Lump can be seen peeking out from the foliage in TLC pools “Best In Show” design.

See “laconic” and “Cube2”at MIFGS from the 20th – 24th of March 2013.

“laconic” By Mark Browning of Cycas Landscape Design

“Cube2” By Scott Wynd of TLC Pools

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