Lump sentiMETAL moment

with Dale

At Christmas time I find it hard not to get just a little sentimental about, well, nearly everything.  So I asked everyone at Lump to think back and tell me where their relationship with metal first began. I started with Dale our Lead Hand and this is what he had to say.

“I guess metalwork is in my blood. My dad has been working in the engineering, die casting and tool making industry for as long as I can remember. Our shed at home was always a place to build and restore things. Plenty of tools to play with. Not just hammers and screwdrivers, I mean fun things like band saws and wood lathes. Woodworking progressed to metalworking and I have been in the metal trades for my entire working life. Ten years working in the family business gave me heaps of experience not only working with metal but also running and maintaining all the tools and machines as well. My dad is a very skilful man, and hopefully this has rubbed off on me a bit!”

Our Dale, images courtesy of Little Red Photography

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