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At Lump we have been making steel sculptures for a long time now. We have all the space, machines and tools necessary to construct anything from tiny to huge scale sculptures and installations. Most importantly, we have a qualified and talented team that have the skills and practical know how to bring plans and drawings to fruition.

But that is not to say we have forgotten how frustrating it can be to have a great drive to develop a new concept without having the access to the facilities accompanied by creative minds to help make it happen. As a sculptor it can be frustrating working alone. Especially if you work with steel. Its heavy work and without an extra pair of hands it can be dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, a lot can be achieved with a few small hand tools and a decent welder. But for larger scale works that require lifting equipment, a guillotine and a press brake for example, then space and access to heavy machinery can become a costly issue. That is why we have opened our doors at Lump. You can now hire Lump Sculpture Studio by the hour. We will give you access to one talented Lumpian and all the materials, tools and machines necessary to bring your concept to life. Working alongside a highly creative, skilled and talented welder, as the artist you can consult, plan and oversee the development of your piece while being confident that your creative language is not getting lost in translation. For more information about hiring Lump Sculpture Studio please contact us by emailing

Images courtesy of Little Red Photography

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