Lump at MIFGS 2014

Lump Sculpture Studio is going all out at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show with work on an impressive six showcase gardens, installations and events.

At Lump we work on all size installations through out the year, from industrial/commercial pieces right through to bespoke creations for your garden, courtyard and balcony, our work is regularly sought after by Australia’s leading designers and landscapers.

This year Chris and I and the whole Lump Crew are delighted to collaborate on four of the Show Gardens at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, including rekindling our 2013 Chelsea Flower Show “Best in Show” partnership with Phillip Johnson for Landscaping Victoria’s Healthy Green Living garden design. We are also thrilled to continue our ongoing collaboration with Mark Browning of Cycas Landscape Design and Consultancy in his entry “The Patriarchs Garden”.

Phillip Johnson’s urban oasis of vertical gardens, natural pools, native gardens and extensive use of recycled timber will include 10 of Lump’s 3D adjustable light screens (Push Pull Hippo screens) made from corten steel with a natural rusted finish.

Mark Browning’s ‘The Patriarch’s Garden’, is a tribute to family, unity and the journey through life, with the main sculpture designed by Lump Sculpture Studio symbolising Mark’s father as the central figure within his extended family. The garden will also include Lump Wood Stack screens made from Corten steel with a natural rusted finish and a custom–made kidney-shaped viewing porthole.

Other Lump designs to be showcased at the 2014 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, include:

Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers show garden – a custom-made round modular stackable planter.

Peta Donaldson show garden – a 1.3m x 1.3m “Cube” sculpture made from corten steel with a natural rusted finish.

Victoria – The Garden State Cocktail Auction – a 2.2m signature Leaf Skeleton sculpture made from corten steel with a natural rusted finish to be auctioned (proceeds to Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in advancing research into childhood illness and disease), along with four corten steel decorative screens to be featured at the entrance to the cocktail party on the night.

Association of Sculptors Victoria display – a 1.5m x 1.5m “Jacks” sculpture made from corten steel with a natural rusted finish, designed and made in conjunction with RMIT University.

So swing by and see us at the show we would love to have a chat with you – 27th-30th of March at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens.


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  • This sculpture we at Lump are calling “The Pavilion”  has finally left the Lump Studio for installation in its forever home. Watch this to see how we move the big ones. #sculpture  #privatecommission  #outdoorart  #modernsculpture  #lovewhatyoudo
  • Check the creation of the SodaStream Turtle step by step in the Lump Studio workshop. @dayziart carefully places the rubbish over the skeleton to form the shell and the skin of the turtle. ALL of the rubbish was collect by @dayziart from Aussie beaches. @sodastreamau commissioned this piece as part of #oceanofthefuture a VR display that aims to help us understand the impact our waste is having on our ocean and marine life.  We are thrilled to have been included in this project along with passionate ambassadors @sodastreamau  @plasticfreesophia @cleanupaustralia  @take3forthesea  @joelparko The display is on this week at Circular Quay in Sydney #bubblesfornow  #onebottleforlife  #stoptrashingwaves
  • The Turtle created by @dayziart is positioned on top of a pod which houses a VR experience #OceanOfTheFuture developed and launched by @sodastreamau  this week. The VR experience aims to help us understand how our waste is impacting our oceans and marine life.  The installation is at The Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay in Sydney. Take your kids, you will want to make difference too @sodastreamau @joelparko  #onebottleforlife  @take3forthesea  @dayziart  @plasticfreesophia  @cleanupaustralia  @mattbarryimages  @elyse.knowles  These guys are all making the change and making a difference #everybitcounts  #BubblesForNow 
  • This is a project we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on. It’s been under wraps for a while but this week @sodastreamau  launched #OceanOfTheFuture The initiative aims to display the devastating effects and the ongoing impacts of single use plastics on our oceans and marine life.  Our role at Lump Studio was to create the internal structure of a Turtle for @dayziart to cover with found rubbish he collected from the beach and ocean in his home town.  Swipe left, you can see just how much rubbish was collected in only a couple of weeks.  We all know it. It’s time to change our consumption habits. It’s not helpless we can make a difference @sodastreamau  #onebottleforlife  @take3forthesea  @dayziart  @plasticfreesophia  @cleanupaustralia  @mattbarryimages  @elyse.knowles  #everybitcounts #BubblesForNow
  • The “Wire Amplitudes” sculpture would look just as at home if found deep in the ocean. 
So pleased with the installation of our “Wire Amplitudes” Sculpture in this project by @sarpelhomes 📷@rogerrolanddilernia
#lovewhatyoudo  #sculpture  #outdoorart  #lumplove  #modernsculpture  #modernhomes  #modernarchitecture #steelsculpture  #outdoorsculpture
  • The Lump “Wire Amplitudes” Sculpture features a beautiful orange power coated finish. Its transparency suggests an almost ephemeral presence. project by @sarpelhomes 📷@rogerrolanddilernia
#contemporaryart  #metal  #sculptureart 
#lovewhatyoudo  #sculpture  #outdoorart  #lumplove  #modernsculpture  #modernhomes  #modernarchitecture
  • So pleased with the installation of our “Wire Amplitudes” Sculpture in this project by @sarpelhomes 📷@rogerrolanddilernia Very proudly positioned at the entrance. 
#lovewhatyoudo  #sculpture  #outdoorart  #lumplove  #modernsculpture  #modernhomes  #modernarchitecture
  • Decorative screens designed to reflect your surroundings. Visit the Lump website to view our full collection 
#screens  #decorativescreens  #privacyscreen  #metalscreens  #outdoorart  #customscreens
  • We bring almost 20 years of sheet metal fabrication to the table. 
We work hard to collaborate with you. We deliver custom made decorative screens exactly the way you want them. 
#screens #privacyscreen  #decorativescreens  #outdoorscreening  #gardenscreens  #metalscreens #customscreen
  • Custom made screens. Exactly the way you want them. 
#privacyscreens  #windowshroud  #decorativescreens #outdoorscreening  #metalscreens
  • Our first love is always going to be sculpture. But we also have a huge catalog of screens. ALL original designs of course. AND fully customisable. 
#screens  #privacyscreen  #decorativescreens  #outdoorscreening  #gardenscreen  #landscapedesign #landscaping  #interiordesign  #windowtreatments
  • That finish. 
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