Lump at Melbourne INDESIGN 2014

All of the Lump crew are delighted to be exhibiting at Melbourne INDESIGN for the first time this year. Partnering with the crew from Temperature Design, Lump will release a fresh new range of intricately designed lighting and over sized sculptural planters.

The sculptural planters are incredible and reminiscent of volcanic shards rising from the depths of the earth, complete with a delicately selected planting design by Lisa Ellis using plants from Warner’s Nurseries.

Alongside the new pieces we will be unveiling, we are looking forward to showing a selection of clusters or what we like to call “families” of Lump sculptures that have been at home in our extended catalogue of work since almost the beginning.

Visitors can expect to meander in a miniature wood of native trees from Fleming’s Nurseries while pondering over our body of work with a tasty treat in hand. And we are hoping that our display is not just a great exhibition of our Lump pieces but a display that encourages visitors to realize just how strong and varied our capabilities within the Lump Studio really are.

The space, just at the doorstep of Temperature Design and the event are the perfect combination for the launching of a few new lump products that have been in the making for some time. And to say we are looking forward to the event is an understatement.

So if you are like us and you love great design, then you don’t want to miss this. Register online by Monday 18 August, just by clicking here and come and say hello to the crew from Temperature Design and “Walk the Wood” with all of us from Lump.

“Family” of Lump Sphere sculptures

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  • Installing the custom Faceted Sculpture in Japan. Thrilled. 
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  • A very clever installation using our Wire Amplitudes sculptures as wall hangings. We love this look by @ejearchitecture
  • This Grizzly locked and loaded for installation today. Can’t wait to see him in his forever home. 
Thompson Berrill Landscape Design
  • Always thrilled to have our work included in the landscape by the very talented @georgiaharperlandscape 
Very impressive by day and by night. See here our Custom pergola, Base planter in white and blue and custom coffee table and host for an Ethanol fire burner. @the_garden_company  @gardens_at_night
  • A beautiful show garden by @mark_browning_design_  featuring a Lump Shard planter in white and a Lump custom pergola. Created for MIFGS 2017. Those were the days. 
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  • The Blade sculpture has been a popular piece in our collection for many years now. Simple and compact with a beautiful organic reference and nod to nature. 
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  • Beautiful location for our Eggular sculpture.  What a dream landscape.  Get in touch, we are still designing and still fabricating with plenty of room for social distance! 
#sculpture  #steel #metalwork  #landscapephotography  #landscapedesign
  • The Jacks sculpture. LOVE this piece. It just left the Lump Studio with a private collector. SO lucky we are still productive at this time. 
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  • The social distancing dance.  Feeling very lucky that we have a workshop large enough to keep our distance. 
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  • We make sculptures. That’s what we do. 
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  • Simple screen canopy done right. 
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  • The internal structure is almost complete. This is the beginning of a big brown bear. Well, at least it’s head anyway. 
Thompson Berrill Landscape Design. 
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