Leaf Skeleton Sculptures

Over the last few weeks we have been sharing our images of the Leaf Skeleton Dome sculpture we were commissioned to make for Westfield. Although for us the Leaf Skeleton Dome was certainly the hero in this commission it was not the only part.

Westfield also commissioned Lump to make over 50 Leaf Skeleton sculptures. At Lump we have been making families of Leaf Skeletons for a long time so when Westfield asked us to make such a huge bunch we decided to put a little extra twist on them, literally.

You can distinguish a regular Lump Leaf Skeleton Sculpture by the curve of the spine. Our regular Leaf Skeletons are constructed using two separate parts that we weld together down the spine creating a very slight but distinguished curve. So to make a distinction between the sculptures for Westfield and our regular Leaf Skeletons we added a third part and gave the three sections of the leaf a little twist. Here is how they arrived.

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