People say imitation is the greatest form of flattery to people that are just completely fed up and frustrated by others simply copying their lead.  Don’t get me wrong, like anyone I am partial to a little bit of “Replica Furniture” and I love it when one artist pays homage to another in kooky way.

But please.  Chris and I create art and we design products from our imagination, ideas and needs.  We produce endless sketches and experiment with mountains of materials, we take risks and put ourselves out there in an effort to produce something we are proud of and that we feel will be relevant to others.  When we achieve this we are essentially contributing to a greater creative community of artists and designers that do the same thing.  And by this I mean other artists that produce work from their OWN original ideas and hard work. Seeing something new is inspiring.  Art and design is not static, we need new concepts, designs and creations to move forward from the last.  When one artist creates something new they inspire another to do the same or even trigger an idea to experiment with.  This is exciting, this is moving forward, this is contributing to an ever changing and developing art and design culture.  Imitation, practiced within a community of artists and designers, is simply standing still.

I refuse to show images of the actual imitations so the images below are of original Lump works that have been most popular with the imitators.

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