Fringe Furniture 2013

Last night we officially celebrated the opening of Fringe Furniture at The Abbotsford Convent. And this year, Lump was lucky to be included amongst the designers showcasing ideas in furniture and object design.

The designers and artisans are responding to the theme “Make It True” an idea that through great design we reveal truth and uncover the sense of familiarity in new objects.

At Lump we felt our Leaf Skeleton sculpture was a perfect fit for this years Fringe Furniture theme. As you may know, I have written about the Leaf Skeleton sculpture on the Lump blog quite a lot, and over the years this precious object we designed has revealed to me many familiarities, and I guess even a few little simple truths.

I can’t say the Leaf Skeleton Sculpture has revealed anything greatly profound that I was not aware of before. But I can say it has bought to the forefront memories of playtime outdoors as a child and perceptions of the larger ecological process and the undeniable significance of returning to the earth.

I found the paragraph below on the Fringe Furniture web site and it really resonated with me in relation to our Leaf Skeleton sculpture. And I imagine that no doubt it will resonate with all who visit the show too.

“Discovering great design is a revelatory experience, but it’s also a moment of recognition. It’s the sensation you get when the unfamiliar becomes something you’ve always known – call it déjà true. Great design fills the space between the real and the imagined in a way that makes it feel timeless.”

Fringe Furniture is open from the18th of September at The Abbotsford Convent and runs Wed – Sun, 11am – 5pm until 6 October.

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