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At Lump we are incredibly fortunate to have our work featured in many stunning and sometimes even inconceivable landscape designs. And with great credit to the clients, designers and the landscapers who continually trust that our work and original designs will compliment and be seamlessly incorporated into their spaces. We are honored each and every time you choose to work with us.

At the recent Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards for 2015 one extraordinary Landscape took home 4 awards. Designed by Steve Taylor from C.O.S. Design and constructed by Hamilton Landscapes, The Beaumaris Project was awarded Landscape of the year (Hamilton Landscapes), Hard Structures in the Landscape (Hamilton Landscapes), Residential Landscape Construction over $300,000 (Hamilton Landscapes) and Landscape Design over 200 m2 (C.O.S. Design).

Part of the challenge of completing a landscape such as this one is the commitment of the client. Commitment to the journey and commitment ultimately to the end vision. This garden has exceeded the expectations of everyone involved, even its designer Steve Taylor. And on completion looking back, both Steve and Paul Hamilton of Hamilton Landscapes say it was one of the most challenging projects of their professional lives so far and a project that neither of them will ever forget.

The garden was an excellent technical challenge for all parties involved in the design, engineering and construction. The site is set on a huge elevation and was basically built on a sand dune in the heart of the Beaumaris area. A Lump Letterbox is featured in the streetscape along with a series of retaining walls and a great mix of architectural plants. Huge floating steps make a pathway up to the pool and the entertaining space which is set in the front yard to take advantage of the view of the bay. And over the spa is a canter levered pergola that features a Lump Ink Blot screen as the canopy that casts decorative reflections into the water. A custom designed Lump Light Feature Panel is also set among the retaining walls and is a great night time feature as well as part of the privacy plan and the design reflecting the local tea trees in the area is continued through the front gate.

With such an impressive landscape it is not difficult to see why it took home 4 awards and below you can read the comments from the judges.

Landscape of the year
Hamilton Landscapes
Judges’ Comments “Once you move on from the initial stunning impact of this landscape and take a closer look at the detail, you cannot be anything other than totally impressed. The judging panel were amazed by the level of complexity in the design and the execution noting that they have not seen a job of this caliber for a long time. The project has been skilfully constructed using modern construction techniques and the latest materials. The structurally complex layout demanded minimal tolerances and extremely high levels of accuracy which have been delivered skilfully by Paul Hamilton and his team.” 

Hard Structures in the landscape
Hamilton Landscapes
Judge’s Comments “This extraordinary residential project is a great example of a successful collaboration between designer and contractor. It exhibits innovative design principles particularly in regards to hard structures. The project has been skilfully constructed using modern construction techniques and the latest adhesives and bonding materials. The structurally complex layout demanded minimal tolerances and extremely high levels of accuracy. The project has been completed to an extremely high standard and the attention to detail has resulted in an exceptionally attractive, functional and safe outdoor space. Hamilton Landscapes are to be congratulated on a job very well done.” 

Residential Landscape Design over $300,000
Hamilton Landscapes
Judge’s Comments “The construction detail of this job is first class considering the complexity of the design. Every element in the landscape has been executed with precision from the tiling, to the paving to the planting and lighting. The job was completed in a difficult timeline with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Every aspect of this job is almost faultless, making it a very worthy winner in this category.” Landscape Design over 200 m2 C.O.S Design Judge’s Comments: “This design showcased a thoughtfully designed space, offering a well resolved solution to a difficult site which included a large level change and multiple outdoor living spaces. The design has made use of all the aspects of a functional landscape from connecting to the internal spaces, to the detail of the finished project and integrated lighting. The result is a harmonious design which works perfectly with the Architecture of the house creating a functional, usable and visually pleasing outcome.”

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  • This sculpture we at Lump are calling “The Pavilion”  has finally left the Lump Studio for installation in its forever home. Watch this to see how we move the big ones. #sculpture  #privatecommission  #outdoorart  #modernsculpture  #lovewhatyoudo
  • Check the creation of the SodaStream Turtle step by step in the Lump Studio workshop. @dayziart carefully places the rubbish over the skeleton to form the shell and the skin of the turtle. ALL of the rubbish was collect by @dayziart from Aussie beaches. @sodastreamau commissioned this piece as part of #oceanofthefuture a VR display that aims to help us understand the impact our waste is having on our ocean and marine life.  We are thrilled to have been included in this project along with passionate ambassadors @sodastreamau  @plasticfreesophia @cleanupaustralia  @take3forthesea  @joelparko The display is on this week at Circular Quay in Sydney #bubblesfornow  #onebottleforlife  #stoptrashingwaves
  • The Turtle created by @dayziart is positioned on top of a pod which houses a VR experience #OceanOfTheFuture developed and launched by @sodastreamau  this week. The VR experience aims to help us understand how our waste is impacting our oceans and marine life.  The installation is at The Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay in Sydney. Take your kids, you will want to make difference too @sodastreamau @joelparko  #onebottleforlife  @take3forthesea  @dayziart  @plasticfreesophia  @cleanupaustralia  @mattbarryimages  @elyse.knowles  These guys are all making the change and making a difference #everybitcounts  #BubblesForNow 
  • This is a project we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on. It’s been under wraps for a while but this week @sodastreamau  launched #OceanOfTheFuture The initiative aims to display the devastating effects and the ongoing impacts of single use plastics on our oceans and marine life.  Our role at Lump Studio was to create the internal structure of a Turtle for @dayziart to cover with found rubbish he collected from the beach and ocean in his home town.  Swipe left, you can see just how much rubbish was collected in only a couple of weeks.  We all know it. It’s time to change our consumption habits. It’s not helpless we can make a difference @sodastreamau  #onebottleforlife  @take3forthesea  @dayziart  @plasticfreesophia  @cleanupaustralia  @mattbarryimages  @elyse.knowles  #everybitcounts #BubblesForNow
  • The “Wire Amplitudes” sculpture would look just as at home if found deep in the ocean. 
So pleased with the installation of our “Wire Amplitudes” Sculpture in this project by @sarpelhomes 📷@rogerrolanddilernia
#lovewhatyoudo  #sculpture  #outdoorart  #lumplove  #modernsculpture  #modernhomes  #modernarchitecture #steelsculpture  #outdoorsculpture
  • The Lump “Wire Amplitudes” Sculpture features a beautiful orange power coated finish. Its transparency suggests an almost ephemeral presence. project by @sarpelhomes 📷@rogerrolanddilernia
#contemporaryart  #metal  #sculptureart 
#lovewhatyoudo  #sculpture  #outdoorart  #lumplove  #modernsculpture  #modernhomes  #modernarchitecture
  • So pleased with the installation of our “Wire Amplitudes” Sculpture in this project by @sarpelhomes 📷@rogerrolanddilernia Very proudly positioned at the entrance. 
#lovewhatyoudo  #sculpture  #outdoorart  #lumplove  #modernsculpture  #modernhomes  #modernarchitecture
  • Decorative screens designed to reflect your surroundings. Visit the Lump website to view our full collection 
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  • We bring almost 20 years of sheet metal fabrication to the table. 
We work hard to collaborate with you. We deliver custom made decorative screens exactly the way you want them. 
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  • Custom made screens. Exactly the way you want them. 
#privacyscreens  #windowshroud  #decorativescreens #outdoorscreening  #metalscreens
  • Our first love is always going to be sculpture. But we also have a huge catalog of screens. ALL original designs of course. AND fully customisable. 
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  • That finish. 
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