Custom made screens. Where to start?

We understand that no two projects are the same, that’s why we specialise is custom metal work fabricating bespoke screens, custom designed and laser cut to size. The huge variety of designs, materials and finishes available at Lump Sculpture Studio can be overwhelming. So, where do you begin when it comes to knowing what’s right for your project?

Firstly, and most importantly we design for purpose. Screens have a huge range of applications, both indoor and outdoor, for practical and sometimes strictly decorative purposes. With years of expertise in the field of custom metal work, our skilled team incorporate dedicated design elements that provide a decorative feature and a practical solution.


When using screens as a privacy solution it is important to consider the building regulations in your area. Building regulations vary by state and planning operates on a case by case basis. Our designs can be customised and certified to comply with Privacy regulations but remember to check your obligations first.

Window Coverings

Used as window coverings, screens can provide privacy while still letting in plenty of sunlight. Select a design that will be a beautiful feature viewed from inside and outside your home, or a more restrained design that won’t draw attention and will fit seamlessly with the façade.


Screens are an excellent solution as a decorative feature to block out unsightly boundary fencing or install independently as an actual fencing solution. Remember though, there are laws in place that strictly outline the requirements of fencing. Some rules apply to some fences and not others, always check you are complying with your obligations before you begin.

Decorative Facades

Screens can be used as sculptural installations mounted on the façade of a building. These installations provide privacy and create a dramatic and distinctive architectural feature.

Garden Features and Art works

Decorative screens can be used to create a compelling feature in a garden. They also provide an ideal frame for climbing plants which look especially striking contrasted against the warm tones and texture of naturally rusted Corten steel.

The Lump Sculpture Studio has the means and the know how to create your custom-made screen, but start at the beginning, choose the right screen for the right purpose and be aware of your obligations if the screen is not being used purely as a decorative feature.

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