Seedlings & Botanical Pod Pace Development Group

Commissioned by Pace Development Group for 160 Whitehorse Rd Blackburn.

A sculpture symbolising the love of gardening, nature, and growth and the first leaves of a seedling growing towards sunlight beginning the process of photosynthesis.

The Seedling sculptures stand just under 3000mm T (large) and 1800mm T (small) and are made from Corten steel with a natural rusted finish. The taller Seedling has a decorative curled leaf emerging from the center made from Stainless steel.

The Botanical Pod is part of a larger series exploring the Flindersia Australis seed pods.

An original series featuring five sculptures representing the natural progression and evolution of the plant’s initial juvenile seed pod to the full open seed flower.

The form and textured surfaces forge a strong connection between all sculptures with the Corten steel reflecting on the hardy and unwavering character of this tough Australian native species.

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