It was this big

“IT WAS THIS BIG” Martin Spinks.

Corten Steel, Aluminum, Powder coat.
Caltex Service Station. Bruce HWY, Benaraby. QLD.

Martin engaged Lump Studio to fabricate a sculpture that he planned for permanent display on the Bruce HWY in a small town called Benaraby in Queensland. His concept “IT WAS THIS BIG”, a sculpture of two large hands measuring a Barramundi fish between them. The sculpture is a philanthropic gesture from Martin Spinks in celebration of the fishing culture and the hard-working hands of the mining industry engaged in the surrounding area.

The 4.5 m Tall Corten Steel hands are spaced wide apart as if to measure and tell the tale of the big Barramundi fish that can be caught in the Boyne River running through the popular fishing town of Benaraby. The big Barra, is displayed in segments floating between the earthy rusted hands, with “all of the good eating parts missing” as a passer-by noted during the installation.

Lump Sculpture Studios designers and engineers worked closely in consultation with Martin to successfully fabricate and realise his vision. With just over 226 pieces of steel welded together to create each of the rusted faceted hands and 11 separate aluminum segments making up the silvery Barramundi fish, the public art installation is a sculpture that constantly changes depending on your view point. The sculpture took 6 months to complete and three days to install with the help of Matheson Cranes a local Gladstone crane company and professional photographer Paul Williams from Queensland.

As so many of the “Big Things” located on Australia’s tourist trail pay tribute to farming, natural heritage and local culture “IT WAS THIS BIG” proudly joins the list as a must see on the Bruce HWY in Benaraby.


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