Awarded “High Commendation” by Ernst Fries

Made from Corten Steel with a natural rusted finish, Eggular by Chris Vassallo is an extension of the simple design of the Lump Sphere sculpture, Eggular stands taller and is an excellent example of contemporary sculpture for outdoors
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  • Prices from 3,090 AUD

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950 mm x 600 mm

3,090 AUD

1500 mm x 900 mm

3,600 AUD

2400 mm x 1300 mm

6,000 AUD


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Weight (approx)

  • 50 – 150 kg


  • Corten, aluminium or Stainless Steel


  • Recommended spot lights


  • Natural rusted finish, Lump Faux Finishes or powder coated


  • Easy – Moderate (lifting equipment required)

Warranty & Care

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  • Chris Vassallo

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