Exo Skeleton

The external shell of the sculpture is highlighted with structural spines and a decorative laser cut design, allowing viewing portholes into the centre of the sculpture where you can closely sight the intricate workings of the build.

Exo Skeleton is made from Corten steel with a natural rusted finish and stands approximately 2m tall on its concrete plinth. Just as the name suggests it is representative of an external skeleton. And in this particular case the external skeleton of a crustacean or shell.

The Corten steel and structural elements that make up the form of the sculpture perfectly emulate the protective nature of the live exoskeleton, acting as a barrier and defence against all predators and outside forces. A striking display of sculpture in the garden.


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900 mm

3,300 AUD

1200 mm

5,500 AUD

1500 mm

8,800 AUD


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Weight (approx)

  • 40 – 150 kg


  • Corten


  • Recommended spot lights


  • Natural patina


  • Moderate (lifting equipment required)

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  • Chris Vassallo

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