A little moment in the day, in a day in the life of Lump

I made this post not so long ago and I thought it appropriate to post it again mainly because at the moment my task at hand is relatively repetitive.  And because the piece that I mention at the end of the post is mostly finished, so think of this as a refresher for next weeks introduction of a lovely new addition to the Lump collection.

Even when it looks like not much is going on, there is always something interesting to look at or someone interesting to talk to when you are at Lump Sculpture Studio. I bang on a lot about all of the exciting projects we complete at Lump. But lets face it; most projects have a boring section somewhere through the duration of the production. Those sections may be technically necessary, but never the less boring. Its at these times I think it’s kind of cool to walk around the studio, have a chat to the crew and take some time to find interest in other things. So that’s just what I did. And this post I guess is a little moment in the day, in a day in the life of Lump.

As I arrived at the Studio Stef was already on his way out to deliver a bunch of Lump pieces to site. I always love seeing this, knowing that soon we have a great opportunity to take some photos of our Lump lovey wares installed in their new homes. Next stop the office, I let everyone know I was there and I stopped to have a quick gossip catch up with Hermy (Chris Herman) and Bee. It could be said that Hermy and Bee really are the “Front Of House” at Lump. They are incredibly helpful and a great source of information about all of Lump’s products, materials and processes.

Back down on the ground and over for a little flash dance session with Dan. Though thankfully he had passed up the wet hair and leg warmers for more appropriate, safety conscious attire. I popped outside to see what was rusting and of course, as usual there is always something gorgeous and delicate only in the way that steel can be, slinking out of the shadows. Lastly I stopped with Dale to chat about the future of the piece he was working on. And its here that I decided to wrap up the little moment in the day, in a day in the life of Lump. I am saving the goodies on this bench until the piece is completed. Saving it so I can bang on about it when it is finally installed and looking incredible in its home. And let me tell you, it’s going to be AMAZING!

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