Lump sentiMETAL moment – Previously Lump

At Lump Sculpture Studio we paved the way in Water Features. Literally. With pebbles. In this post we show some of our earlier works that we no longer have in production, but are still very sentiMETAL about.

The pebble water feature or stacked stone water feature was one of the first BIG THINGS to come from Lump Sculpture Studio. Chris designed the simple stainless steel square tube frame into which could be laid any variety and design of pebbles, tiles or stone. Many, many hours were spent laughing and gossiping over those water features while we tirelessly placed pebble after pebble, one by one into custom designs. I think we are all thankful not to have these in production any longer, but at the same time we are very pleased they began paving the way to where we are today.

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