Leaf Skeleton Dome Sculpture Westfield

A fallen leaf is many things. Folded and floating in a puddle it is a boat on a vast ocean following a new adventure. Propped up with twigs it’s a shelter and meeting place for fairies, bugs and imagined creatures. Imagining worlds and societies like our own that live just beneath our noses is something as children we believe we are part of. As adults we need to remember we ARE part of a world of many creatures that live together in the world we create.

The Leaf Skeleton dome represents a meeting place for our community. A safe and imaginative place for children and a meeting place for a solid, intertwined and supportive community.”

A while ago at Lump we took on a large-scale project for Westfield. Our favourite part of this project is a sculpture we call the Leaf Skeleton Dome. Originally, I sketched out the skeleton for this sculpture picturing in my mind a dish about 1100mm in diameter. But when the Westfield project came to light Chris blew up the dish into a full life sized interactive dome. And with a little help from our engineering mate Karl and of course all the Lumpians, the Leaf Skeleton Dome arrived.

Weight (approx)

  • N/A


  • 2230 mm Height x 4500 mm Diameter


  • Mild Steel


  • N/A


  • 2-Pack Epoxy


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Warranty & Care

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  • Chris Vassallo