Faceted Orbs – Emblem Building

The Facted Orbs are a powerful display of light shadow and form

displayed here as a set, the faceted forms are predominantly spherical while celebrating a very angular configuration.  Faceted Orbs echo the thought process and physical manifestation of the persistent creative mind.  evolve. design. create

Faceted Orbs can be fabricated in Corten steel with a natural rusted finish or Aluminum with your choice of powder coated finish.


  • Prices from 7,500 AUD

Size Options

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(set - Corten Steel) 1200 mm Diam and 600 mm Diam approx

7,500 AUD

Corten Steel 1200 mm Diam approx

4,748 AUD

Corten steel 600mm Diam approx

2,798 AUD

(set - Aluminium Powder coated) 1200 mm Diam and 600 mm Diam approx

8,490 AUD

Aluminum Powder coated 1200 mm Diam approx

5,408 AUD

Aluminium Powder coated 600mm Diam approx

3,128 AUD


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